Cloris is a company engaged in the cultivation, processing and sale of Hemp for industrial purposes and the production of medical hemp oil and isolates (CBD). Since its initial incubation through the Royal Road Accelerator, Cloris has raised $3MCAD and begun the cultivation of non-psychoactive cannabis, beans and corn in the region of Nariño, in the South West of Colombia, an area with rich underutilised agricultural resources ideal for large scale cultivation of high yield CBD plants year-round.

Cloris’ ultimate goal is to help communities and Colombia develop alternatives to the illegal activities resulting from a very long and complex social conflict.

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Hombre Grande

Hombre Grande, also known as Quassia Amara, Amargo, Bitter-Ash or Bitter-Wood, is a tree native to the Caribbean, Central and South America. As one of the most bitter substances found in nature, Hombre Grande has been used as herbal medicine and as a tasting additive in the food and beverage industry for many decades.

Due to the rising awareness among companies and individuals surrounding the environmental, health and biodiversity hazards caused by the chemicals used in synthetic pesticides, the demand for organic pesticides is rapidly increasing. The Royal Road Accelerator team is currently testing the efficacy and toxicology of a bioinsecticide made with the bitter substances found in Hombre Grande.

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