Quassia Labs

Biopesticides from totally natural products


Quassia Labs is a product of the award winning The Royal Road Accelerator program. Founded in 2021. The company has raise $150k in private equity with support from the Royal Road Accelerator.

Quassia Labs is cultivating and developing biopesticides for agricultural and horticultural use. These products are currently in the development stage and the company is seeking partners to put them into commercial production.

We have a range of biopesticides, formulated from organic ingredients native to Nicaragua. These have proven effective in treating tick and flea infestations on dogs, and varroa mite infestations within beehives. Tests have shown that they are also effective against a range of insect pests.

Biopesticides for the future

The commercialization of Quassia Labs is generating new industry, reinvestment opportunities, employment and training within rural and disadvantaged Nicaraguan communities.



Quassia’s research is based in the province of León, and is benefiting rural communities in the province of Boaco where our products originate.

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Christiane Düttmann


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