Craft beers and hop substitutes


Amaral is an artisanal brewing company which uses natural products, native to Nicaragua to create craft beers, tonics and hop alternatives for homebrewing or small breweries.

Partnered with highly awarded Nicaraguan brewery Tabú, Amaral has developed a new formula for beer brewing. Hops, an essential ingredient in beer brewing, make up 50% of the cost of beer production. Amaral and Tabú have identified a Nicaraguan crop which can effectively substitute hops and is 90 times cheaper to cultivate.

Furthermore, experimentation with exotic Nicaraguan fruits and crops has led to the development of a new range of flavoured mixers and bitter drops.

Amaral Mixers:

Enhance, Refresh, Enrich

Using plant extracts to take your beverages to the next level!



Amaral’s R&D is conducted in the province of Masaya, and is benefiting rural communities in the province of Boaco.


Karen Tijerino


Karen is a graduated Industrial Engineer from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. She has been a
professional brewer since 2014 for TABU and Carretanagua beers as well as a representative for a number of commercial beer brands including; Fermentis, Erdinger and Beer Against the Machine. Karen’s beers have been medalists at international beer festivals.

Karen is the President of the Chamber of Craft Brewers of Nicaragua and Director of the Central American Beer Congress.


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