Jan 26



Royal Road Minerals promotes innovative ideas from entrepreneurs in Colombia and Nicaragua.


Royal Road Minerals has set out to identify, develop and promote sustainable businesses in the communities near its gold and copper exploration projects in Colombia and Nicaragua. To this end, they have a subsidiary, a business accelerator, through which they seek to contribute to the creation of social and sustainable companies in the territories.

"Until September 30, they will be able to apply for ventures in Colombia and Nicaragua, to obtain up to 50,000 dollars in investment ," explains María Camila Gutiérrez, executive director of Royal Road Accelerator.

One of the main requirements to apply is that the proposals be presented by groups or organizations with clear connections with the communities, “and it must be very clear how they will generate a social and environmental benefit in an area of ​​interest ,” Gutiérrez says.

Tim Coughlin, CEO of Royal Road Minerals, details that the accelerator has been working since 2018 in Chachagüí, Nariño, with Cloris, a company that grows and transforms cannabis plants and medicinal herbal plants. Likewise, it has two projects in Nicaragua.



Plans contribute to the reactivation

These sustainability plans contribute to the reactivation and economic sustainability of the regions in Colombia, together with the investments that Royal Road Minerals has been making in the country, and generate employment.

"We have not stopped in all this time and we have quickly adapted to the changes generated by the health crisis ," says Coughlin.

In fact, they recently obtained a new 30-year mining concession contract in Antioquia, for the Margaritas project, located next to another of their Güintar-Niverengo projects.